Billing Systems

Billing Systems

When it comes to the many difficulties telecommunications operators in Africa face, accurate and timely billing is probably one of the most complex and costly headaches to overcome. EDGE Evolve, has developed a specialist consultancy to deal with these issues, targeted at supporting and easing the billing burden in the mobile telecommunications market.

From support in the running or configuring of systems, integration with existing infrastructure, consulting, business analysis, project management or development, the EDGE Evolve team has the required expertise and experience in the field of billing. In a market where most of the support for billing applications is primarily available from overseas application vendors, the fact that EDGE Evolve has an African presence to match its technology and business experience makes it an even more valuable partner.

EDGE Evolve has been associated with the large cellular service providers for the past 6 years.

The activities at these Telecoms Operators include:

  • Billing Integration
  • Bespoke Development and Support
  • Java Development and Support
  • Eppix Development and Support
  • WebSphere Development and Support
  • Business and process analysis
  • Billing systems development – both retail and wholesale
  • Systems architecture
  • Project management
  • Billing consulting